Thursday, 19 March 2009

Driving home

Seeing as I am writing this for an audience of one (me) I'm OK to say most anything.

Perth was busy and I caught a walloping head cold - I thought I would drown in the snot but managed to pull through. The cold (I'm not taking ownership of it) has passed through the gluey stage and is on its way out.

The trip home was uneventful. There were heaps of log-trucks going north as I drove south. I could see it was plantation timber so didn't get too upset. The sheep trucks (also travelling north) were another matter. The live sheep transport is a disgrace. It is inhumane and we should be ashamed of ourselves exporting live animals in dreadful conditions to be slaughtered overseas.

By the time I reached Manjimup there was a hint of rain in the air and I felt refreshed to drive the final 120kms to Walpole through the forest. No caravans in front of me for a change and I only picked up some slower traffic about 30kms out of Walpole.

Stella and Roland were both happy to see me - or else they are both good actors. Stella's coat has grown considerably so I think we'll have to take a trip through to Albania so she can have a clip. When I figure out how this works, I'll post a picture of her for me to look at as I read this lonely blog. Well, I sorted that out even if it didn't land up where I wanted it too. She doesn't usually have bows in her hair - the photo is an older one when she still went to a dog-groomer in Perth, not the "we're not fancy but we're cheap" guy that we take her to in Albany - well, it is more than $20 cheaper!

Yoga class starts again next week and I'm looking forward to seeing my students again. When I get back from Bali in July I'm starting classes for children so that will be good fun too.

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