Sunday, 26 April 2009

Procrastination and other stuff

I think this is a funny picture - the little dog looks so happy. It is also something to look at while I write this blog. My sister sent it to me but I don't know where she got it from.

We have emptied the rainwater tanks and cleaned out the one we use for drinking water, now we wait for rain again. The rocket I planted is looking a bit sad. I was hoping to have some while the family were here last week but it isn't big enough to harvest. There are still a few tomatoes left that the birds (twenty-eights) have left for us. The veges at the local store are sometimes OK but not always very fresh. I guess that is one of the drawbacks living rural.

I came back from Perth on Monday and brought Bessie (Kath's dog) with me. She hyperventilated until Donnybrook and then she settled down. She does smell a lot, especially her breath and her farts. I'm more used to Stella who is quite nice smelling except when she has been rolling in something disgusting like dead fish.

When I got home, the family had already arrived and that was just as well. When Roland got home (he had been fishing) he had hurt his leg on the transom of the boat. Kath dressed it for him. I'm glad I didn't have to use my rusty first-aid skills (although I did the course earlier this year). That is one of the problems getting older, one's balance can be dodgy. I do the Tibetan Rites every morning to keep myself balanced - in more ways than just physical! The Rites segue nicely with the asana work I do each day.

About the procrastination, well, I've got a pair of yoga pants that need to be hemmed and I have been meaning to fix them since I got back from Perth ... I keep thinking of other things to do, like writing drivel in this blog!


Dee said...

The vegie thing in the garden is hard. If it's not the birds, it's the lack of water, or some wormy bug getting into everything. We did have great success with garlic this year. My son planted a whole heap and it's been great having beautiful fresh organic garlic, none of this bleached stuff that comes from China planted in who knows what. He's just planted some more and I'm slowly but surley seriously thing about 1 or 2 chooks.

Eleanor said...

Too right! The lemon tree was covered in scale and that's about the only thing the blasted parrots don't touch. We managed some garlic and a funny thing was that one came up looking like an onion! I usually manage to get local stuff at the Gull Fruit Barn in Donnybrook when I travel to/from Perth.
Chooks sound good!