Thursday, 24 September 2009


It must be time for me to update this blog. I've been remiss and have no excuse other than the usual - life gets in the way. However, I have to say that this particular blogging site is really annoying. Many times it won't load or won't load properly. How many glitches have to be ironed out? Uploading an image is often impossible and then deletes without any input on my part.

I missed out on wishing Leonard Cohen a happy birthday on 21st September, he's 75 now. I think his concert tour is over and he's gone home to Montreal. I read that he had a health scare at his penultimate concert in Spain but is OK. Having seen him in the flesh, I am amazed at his stamina. He is so small and so fragile looking. One day I'm going to go to Montreal and see him!

The winter is hanging on here in the far south west. We've had a fire every day for weeks and weeks. The wood pile is right down so we have had to order some more. We're down to about 6 of these logs. This is really good
wood, it burns clean.

Yoga classes are continuing, even on the worst days - rain, hail and so on, students come to class. I think to myself, 'really, only one person has to be there - and that's me!' so it is rewarding to have 6 or 7 people lob up for class. In the evening class I light the hall with candles because the strip lighting is so glary. It looks lovely and we do heaps of flowing asanas. Now that I've invested in an iPod and speakers, it is easy to use a variety of music for some of the work we do. I've worked out a sequence that moves the body and mind as a meditation. It is still a work in progress and I think it will always be that. Sometimes a small, brown rabbit hops up to the door and peers in. During day classes, the duck often pay us a visit and leave their calling cards in the doorway. Walking back to the car after evening class is an adventure. It is pitch dark by the time we finish. There used to be a light outside but one of the residents in Nornalup has managed to switch it off and now it does not work (I guess it shone into their house?). I am aware that there are a lot of tiger snakes around (Nornalup translates as 'place of many, many snakes') and so my hike across to the car is a bit fraught! I'm usually laden down with bits and pieces including a torch that shines everywhere except where I'm walking! Nevertheless, that last half hour on my own in the hall is precious to me. I wind down from the class and tidy up the hall. My students ask me if they can stay back and help pack up - but I send them on their way. Some of them come from far and there are heaps of 'roos on the road at night.

Next entry when I'm ready ...

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