Friday, 4 December 2009

Yoga notes

This morning I went to yoga class with my long time yoga teacher, Gail. She has so much knowledge and her classes are innovative and challenging - on one level or another. This morning there were 5 yoga teachers in her class as well as 8 or 9 students. Yoga teachers are attracted to some teachers more than others although I believe most of us will attend any class that is offered! There is always, always, something to learn.

Having had a stressful couple of weeks, I really benefited from the asana work and the meditations in this morning's session. It is strange how often a class seems tailored to my needs and this was no exception. Gail's teaching has influenced me a lot and I often hear her 'voice' in my own teaching. I probably do more sequences than she does and also my classes tend to evolve whereas Gail has a carefully set out plan.

Last Saturday was Yoga Day at the Beacon Ashram/Yoga Centre and I went along to that as well. We had a 2 hour practice followed by an exceedingly delicious vegetarian lunch. The class was taken by Marge Willcocks. I hadn't been to one of her classes before but had heard many good reports about her teaching. I was not disappointed - she is a wonderful teacher - I feel that I learned so much ... hope I remember some of it to pass on to my own students when I get back! We did Janusirasana which is a fairly sta
ndard asana but the way Marge teaches it, it was a new experience for me. Keeping the thigh on the bent leg 'rolled' out and closing the eyes while coming into the forward bend give the posture a whole new feeling. In fact, the illustration I've posted here does not do the asana justice because here, the model seems to be straining, and there is no strain involved.

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