Friday, 8 January 2010

Now that the silly season is over.

Now that the silly season is over and things are settling down again, I find time to catch up on writing here in my blog.

I had to take my car to the smash repair shop after the close encounter with the steel roo bar on an old 4X4 ute (that happened to be stationary at the time) thereby wiping out the rear lights on my trusty Toyota. Why do people need massive roo bars in the city? Well, I returned to Walpole and after discussion with the insurance company, took my car along to Walpole smash repairs. Check out the track to the panel shop! Taken slowly it is OK but a few bumps and bounces ... the standard of work is excellent and the colour matched up perfectly.

25 December was warm and our menu was fairly banal - fresh caught tuna cooked on the BBQ and salads. There was far too much for the two of us so we ate tuna for a couple of days afterwards! So, that was much the same as usual - big fish, small appetites.

New Year was fun. My grand daughters were here and the youngest has at last found her feet and is up and running! She is so tall she can reach far so very little is safe from her curiosity. The flies and ants made life somewhat difficult but a good time was had by all. I, for one, didn't make it to midnight and looking at the photos taken by Dean, I can see why! Red wine tends to leave a neat little moustache on my face! I've managed to delete most of them but this one, where I appear to be addressing a potato crisp (and probably was) escaped!

I went with the family to Yallingup for a few days. Heaps of sun, sea, sand and zillions of flies. One of the highlights was a visit to Simmo's Icecreamery; a great selection of icecreams although, in my usual conservative fashion, I stuck with vanilla! The gardens are a delight and the girls had a great time. On the way home to Walpole I got horribly lost, the Busselton bypass is confusing and to get on the Nannup road took me a couple of false turns. The courteous service staff at the Vasse general store eventually put me on track! Then, I missed the shortcut turnoff after Northcliffe and took the tourist route instead. The 3-hour trip turned into a bit of a marathon and I arrived home hot, hungry and not a little grumpy. Heaps of road kill on the roads, mainly roos but also some small unidentifiable animals and many reptiles: snakes, goannas and so forth.

So, back to what we consider normal down here in the south west. Next week up to Perth for my brother's 70th birthday, that's a milestone if ever there was one!

Resolutions for 2010? Learn to be kinder and more tolerant.

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