Thursday, 12 August 2010

Life is a story

Carl Jung
In  Memories, Dreams, Reflections, Jung tells of his life as a story having no beginning and no end. That it was an historical fragment, an excerpt. He said, “My life seemed to have been snipped out of a long chain of events, and many questions had remained unanswered”. How does this philosophy correspond to the way I see my own life? So many things occur during life, it can be seen as a chain of events.

Looking at life as a chain, positive thoughts of links and connections arise - but also thoughts of restrictions, fetters and shackles. Who chains the shackles on us? I have a suspicion that, much of the time, we do that all by ourselves! How do we cast off the chains? Once again, we need to do that all by ourselves. In the event there are connections and shackles, links and restrictions; the unanswered questions persist and the mystery is profound.

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