Sunday, 5 September 2010

A visit to the musuem

A Day in Pompeii is just about coming to an end at the Western Australian Museum. I ventured into the city centre to view the exhibition. I decided to catch the bus and then the train so I didn't have to worry about parking.

I'm not good in crowds at the best of times and the exhibition was packed - mainly unruly school children - youths. The teachers in charge were yelling to the point of hoarseness and eventually most of the kids settled down.

The exhibition space was darkened and cave-like, all of which fed my claustrophobic tendencies. Nevertheless, I moved through and inspected the exhibits, dodging large school-boys who seemed to be intent on smashing something, anything. As a result, I didn't spend as long in the exhibition as I would've liked.

The sunlight was bright outside and I was happy to go to the Art Gallery Cafe for coffee and lunch. I used to work at the gallery and it was a good feeling to revisit and reconnect.

The trip home was going really well until the bus detoured to pick up school children from the local high school. I must've had my 'school-kid' attracting perfume on! It seemed I couldn't avoid loud, rude, cheeky youths (male and female). In the event, the bus driver had to stop the bus and scold the main trouble makers. "I'll report you!" he said. To which they replied, "to whom!" So that was a bit of wasted effort. Imagine being a bus driver and drawing the short-straw of the school run!

I got out of the bus well before my stop and forgot to swipe my token, so happy was I to get out and into the quiet streets of our area. I may venture into the city again when I'm feeling brave - and I see there is a fascinating art exhibition coming up at the Art Gallery in October, Peggy Guggenheim, A Collection in Venice, but I'll make sure I don't come home when school is due out!


Anonymous said...

It should have been a good day.. It is a pity you did not have a cattle prod with you. There is no discipline any more!!

Eleanor said...

I felt like that too! Actually it was quite scary and I had to control the anxiety response - not easy in the circumstances.