Monday, 8 November 2010

Yoga and Birds

I wonder if other people who blog with google have the same problems of a disobedient blog? How long does it take you to get the darn thing to do what YOU want it to do?

Anyway, that is not why I'm here. I want to tell you about the magpie and the wattle bird who are friends and who, every morning while I'm out on the patio working through my asana, fly down and watch me. The magpie in particular is very quizzy and not a little critical. The wattle bird sits next to him in the Norfolk Pine but only for a few minutes. He soon flies down to the woolly bush next to the pond and screeches loudly at me - and at the LBD - the Little Black Dog. Maggie usually swoops LBD for some light entertainment and goes to the birdbath for a drink. All the while I am focussing on my asana and avoiding the mosquitoes who seem to think I am the smorgasbord they've been waiting for all night long.

For my morning asana practice, facing the rising sun, I begin with three or four rounds of the Salute to the Sun - Suraya Namaskar. I like to follow with Prithvi Namaskar - the salute to Mother Earth that I learned from the Dru Yogis. One of my yoga teachers (I have numerous teachers) Louise Wiggins teaches  beautiful sequences and when asked for the 'plan' says, "Do what you can and make it your own!"So, taking this to heart, my Prithvi Namaskar is probably more me than the Dru sequence from whence it came.

Once my body is moving freely, I begin the first of the Five Tibetans interspersed with Trikonasana and twists. Usually I add some free form dancing to keep the rythm of life pumping. The magpie is very impressed by my dancing, to be sure. At risk of anthromorphisising, what could be more entertaining to a wild bird than an elderly woman, in her pyjamas, cavorting around under the Norfolk Pine.

Life gets better every day. Namaste.

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