Saturday, 29 January 2011

Cyclone Alert

Here we are on cyclone alert. We had a severe thunderstorm alert today and nothing happened.
Cyclone Bianca is due to hit sometime on 30 January. The earlier she hits the worse it will be. This is where we look forward to a 'decayed' cyclone.

We do need to be alert but also not panicked into some silly state of meltdown.

Bessie looking sweet.
The thunderstorm we had in the early hours of this morning (Saturday 29 Jan) was not predicted. Nevertheless, this is the one that made Bessie the timid staffy run away. We found her thank goodness. Rosie my grand daughter was distraught; how do you explain to a 9year old that maybe the dog won't be found? Anyhoo, with phone calls, tags, trips back to Freo, walking the streets calling "Bessie, Bessie" we found her - she had taken shelter on a neighbour's verandah and she (the neighbour) kindly phoned the number on Bessie's tag. It is a long story ... There are some good people out there.

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