Sunday, 21 August 2011

Cruising again

Recap (i.e. things I forgot) and probably will repeat some of the stuff I've already written ...

Sailing through the Torres Strait Islands and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park was necessarily slow. The ship, while not huge by cruise ship standards, was still large at 77,000 tons. At times the water under the keel was not very much.

The ship's laundromats (there were 6) were closed for the few days we sailed through the Great Barrier Reef. However, when the laundromats were open I was amazed at how many passengers spent so much time sitting in the laundromat on our deck watching their washing spin around! Needless to say, I brought home a suitcase full of dirty clothes. One thing; I would drop by and see what the launderers were reading - always on the lookout for a good book. The one that took my fancy was/is The Elegance of the Hedgehog, by Muriel Barbery - which I have ordered from the local library here in Falcon. 

In the Torres Strait the ship passed close-by to some of the islands. We saw Wednesday Island and also Thursday Island where there is a settlement and a resort. Apparently there is no Monday Island but an island for every other day of the week. We didn't see any people on the islands although we were quite close.

The weather in Tropical FNQ was glorious and I spent time swimming in one of the pools. This turned out to be more of a 'dodge-the-other swimmers' most of whom seemed to be big and hell-bent on swimming over the top of me. I was about the smallest person in the pool and couldn't touch the bottom owing to my being a shorty! 

The spas held no appeal for me (never have) as I've noticed people doing disgusting things in spas (squeezing pimples for e.g.) so I keep well away! In the event I only swam a couple of times as I preferred to relax on a sunbed - reading and keeping an eye on the scenery. Of course the sunbeds were turned toward the pools (two pools and three spas on this deck) so I had to swivel my chosen bed around so I could see out. Later in the trip, while I was moving the sunbed, I banged my littlest toe again (same one that I broke a couple of months ago) and I must've broken it again as it swelled up and was bloody painful. As a result I wore thongs (flip-flops to those who don't speak Aussie English) for the rest of the trip. My old faithfuls broke so I had to buy a pair in one of the shops on board. I've never paid more than a few dollars for thongs so, for a frugal person like me, it was excruciating to pay nearly $20.00! 

Roland frequented the icecream parlour two or three times a day and is regretting it now ... he put on quite a bit of weight! After I broke my toe he found another walking partner (Linda) so he did keep up his exercise. In the evenings, he spent a lot of time watching and listening to the string quartet. They were beautiful young women from Poland and many of the old blokes on board spent time gazing at them as they played. 

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