Thursday, 18 August 2011

Cruising Continues

OK, so we've left Sydney and spend the next day, Sunday, at sea. We spend the day getting our bearings on the ship; our dining room is on deck 5 and we're on deck 11 (that's 107 stairs there and 107 stairs back again). The first couple of days this is hard but soon we aren't even puffing at the top. Breakfast and lunch we have on deck 14 (no deck 13, sailors are superstitious). Roland discovers the icecream parlour that doles out icecream on demand. I discover they also have delicious peanut butter bikkies. I'm good and limit myself to 1 or 2 a day. I abstain from the icecream as milk/milk products and me are not good friends.

On Sunday while I'm exploring the outside decks I spot some whales and get very excited. As I'm about the only person on the deck this may be considered a non-event. Many of the passengers seem to spend a lot of time below decks in the casino or one of the many lounges. In fact we see many whales; Roland is very good at spotting them and I come to the conclusion that he is seeing non-existent whales because every time he tells me, the whales have disappeared.

We have a life-drill and wander around with looking a bit like Sponge Bob Square Pants while we get a talking-to about not panicking in the event of the sirens sounding. The life-boats are slung up against the ceiling on deck 7 (Promenade Deck) and are used as tenders when we can't dock at the wharf. I found this very exciting and looked forward to being ferried back and forth on these amazing vessels. Here is one in situ. Our stateroom would be almost directly above.

Brisbane is the first port of call and we take the city tour. Very many one way streets in central Briz and we go round and round the CBD. We are shown the high water mark from Cyclone Yasi in January this year (goodbye bananas for the next year).

The cruise down the Brisbane River on a paddle steamer is good fun. Although I thought I took heaps of photos, in fact they were mainly of the tug that had to turn the ship so we could get out of the harbour. However, here is one of a bridge at night ... you can see my hand wasn't very steady!

That's a bit pathetic really isn't it! Best look at these images of Brisbane - not sure what happened to my brain at this stage.

From Brisbane we headed for Townsville, so another day at sea.

Three times around the Promenade Deck = 1 mile; lovely to walk on wooden floors. Roland was good about this and I joined him most days. Usually I went to the gym at 7.00-8.00AM for a variety of classes including Ab workshop, Tai Chi, Body something or other - all of which seemed to segue into my Yoga practice. Lovely to balance on a rolling ship! Keeping up Suraya Namaskar and the Five Tibetans eery day was good for body and mind.

Townsville to follow ... watch this space.

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