Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Dolphins and doves

Yesterday we saw at least 2, possibly 3, dolphins in Falcon Bay. Two of them were big and I am sure I saw a small one with them. They weren't frolicking, just gently rolling through the swell, back and forth not far off the beach. As we walked the dolphins kept pace with us and then they turned and went out to sea for a way before coming back toward the shore. They were feeding and not interested in doing acrobatics. Although we don't see that many dolphins off the beach, they are often in the canals at Port Bouvard, they chase the fish into the smaller canals to make it easier to hunt them. 
I found this image here so hope it is ok to use it.
We caught sight of the big dolphin's fin as we came over the ridge and our first thought was "shark". We are all a bit skittish about sharks at the moment since a swimmer was taken, possibly by a great white, off Cottesloe Beach a couple of days ago. He was having his early morning swim. His bathers have been found but no sign of his body.

On the walk home we heard the bronze-wing doves, they are still making their plaintive, haunting noise to attract a mate. The male sits up on a power pole and you can easily see how his chest puffs up as he takes in the air to coo it out. It seems they are territorial and every second power pole has a resident dove. 

This morning, I was walking with the LBD - Roland went fishing at some unearthly hour - and I saw a crested pigeon sitting on a branch.

This is the link to where I found the photo
Such a funny little top-knot!

There are many bigger birds around here, ravens, magpies, currawongs and ibis. The smaller birds are less obvious - I think because so many are killed by cats and foxes. I have seen some silver eyes in our garden and the smaller wattle bird. There is a big wattle bird that lives at the bottom of our garden and he (it must be a he) is extremely territorial. In the morning when I do my Yoga practice on the patio, he spies on me from the grevillea next to the pond. Occasionally he squawks and then swoops over me in quite a threatening way. Funny how the birds like to watch Yoga practice!
The pink and grey galahs and the maggies are often in the Norfolk Pine having a look!

Look at them discussing my style!

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