Monday, 12 December 2011


It felt like we were coming home as we drove through the forest between Manjimup and Walpole. I felt quite teary and was pleased that Roland was driving. We didn't stop in Walpole but went straight through to Nornalup - to Riverside Retreat. What a lovely place! Margo and Don Redman made us so welcome and showed us to our chalet "Promised Land" - the very end chalet with beautiful views across the Frankland River to the forest beyond. Promised Land is named from a story from the Goldfields around Kalgoorlie in Western Australia. At Riverside Retreat all the chalets are named for places or incidents in Western Australia and all have a story to tell. Promised Land turned out to be a comfortable, well supplied little home with most mod-cons including air conditioning.

The drive up to Promised Land
Looking up at Promised Land from the river

There is no signal for mobile phones at Nornalup so the peace and quiet was lovely. Occasionally we could hear traffic on the South Coast Highway but it was never intrusive. The weather was clear and with no light pollution (apart from the waxing moon) the starry sky at night was amazing. It was quite windy but that did not deter Roland from fishing in the Nornalup Inlet. He loves to wade and there is a small jetty from which he could set off up or down the Frankland River. In the event he put back all the fish he caught - which is what he usually does - probably because he doesn't feel like cleaning them!

On two evenings we ate at the Nornalup Tea House which is a lovely old building next to the Highway. Emma and Brett made us very welcome - both of them are Yoga students who often came to class when I was teaching there. The food is fabulous and the service is too! Amazing to find such an excellent restaurant out in remote Western Australia. The secret is possibly that Brett uses as much local produce as he can and the wine is Western Australian too.

When my friends heard I was coming down for a visit there was no doubt that I would take a Yoga class for them! So on Saturday morning at 9.00am in the Nornalup Community Centre we all came together to share some Yoga! As I was doing the 'welcome' I looked at all their dear faces looking at me and teared up so that I could hardly speak! In the event it was more of a workshop than a class and I remembered how delightful it is to teach in country town! Each person was so receptive and I feel I learned far more than anyone there - such is the nature of Yoga.

I'll add some more tomorrow - there is a storm brewing here and I want to turn off my computer now!

Rammed earth construction - a beautiful space for Yoga

'Snow' trees outside the Hall - because we don't get snow in Western Australia
Looking down toward the playground and the Frankland River

Yes, we will be back!

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