Saturday, 23 June 2012

Bali Yoga Retreat

Hurry up and wait.

Many journeys begin waiting at the airport and this one was no different. I have long been a subscriber to the philosophy “Hurry up and wait” which, my sister reminded me, was something that Mum used to abide by. So, on a cold morning at the beginning of June, I write in my notebook: Waiting at the airport, Saturday 12.55pm. Sod’s law says, “The earlier you arrive at the airport, the likelihood of the flight being delayed, increases”. However, I’ve discovered that all the years that I thought I was afraid of flying I was, in fact, stressing out about airports and getting there in time so as not to miss my flight; hence, hurry up and wait.

The Garuda flight was delayed because of dreadful weather in Perth. In fact, after takeoff, we were buffeted around to such an extent that we had to remain seated for some time (no toilet breaks or anything) and the meal was served much later than expected. The Garuda flight attendants were, as always courteous, friendly and efficient.

Perth went on to have some terrible storms on Sunday and much damage was done. Lucky me, then, to be swanning around in beautiful Bali, eating exotic and spicy food, having 1 or 2 Yoga classes every day and exploring some less visited parts of the island.

Morning on the second day started with our first Yoga class in (or should that be 'on') the roof garden of the hotel. Michele led us through some chanting, pranayama and asanas and finished up with an inspirational meditation.
On the roof garden
After breakfast we (Michele, Robbie and I) set about exploring Legian. Having no sense of direction whatsoever, Michele’s knowledge of the by-ways and back-ways soon had me totally confused. The moment we walked out of the Hotel Vilarisi into the gang (laneway) I was lost! First call was a money changer and then some shopping. I had forgotten the ins-and-outs of bargaining and a couple of stall holders made some money out of me! The way I look at it is this, sometimes the value being haggled over, when translated into Aussie currency, is about $2 or less. Anyway, I was happy and so were they.

After lunch Gede (pronounced G’day – like the West Aussie greeting) picked us up and took us through to Candidasa, further east along the coast. Lovely Candidasa and the Ashram Gandhi.

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