Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Lovina Beach

The four days spent at Lovina Beach seemed to fly past. This was 'recharging' my battery time! In our morning practice next to the pool I would lie in Savasana and gaze up into the cloudless sky sky framed by the brilliant colours of the bougainvillaea. The sound of the motor scooters buzzing back and forth along the dirt track behind the Villa Jaya didn't seem to intrude. Some mornings I would put fallen blossoms around my Yoga mat; frangipani and bougainvillaea. Suraya Namaskar takes on a new meaning when practised in this environment.

After our class the three of us would sit down to a hearty breakfast; banana pancakes, two eggs and toast and as much Bali Kopi as we wanted. Bali breakfasts feature in all my Bali blogs! On the topic of food, while we were in Lovina, we had a cookery class/demonstration with Michele's friend Komang and her husband Gobang.

Komang and Gobang live in Lovina, a short distance from our hotel so on the evening of our class we walked over to their home. Preparation for dinner was already well under way. Their middle son (age about ten if I remember correctly) was helping his parents with the preparations. Apparently he loves to cook. I am constantly amazed at the feasts that the Balinese produce from just a small cook top or even just a couple of burners. This demonstration was no exception.
Some of the food for our feast.

Komang & her son in the kitchen
In Balinese style we sat on the floor and used our fingers to eat. There was a big bowl of rice and a bowl of water to rinse our fingers. The food was spicy and delicious! The corn fritters were especially popular. I have the recipes now but haven't got round to trying them out yet. Gobang's mother who also lives in the compound popped her head in to see us and Komang's oldest son came in from playing football with his friends but didn't stop to say hello!

Bali was agog with the World Cup taking place and so many of the children and the men were following the teams with great fervour! Flags of all nations decorated the streets and everyone had a favourite team.

More later - now that I've got time to sit down and write. Thanks Michele for the itemised itinerary you gave me! Together with my Moleskine I've got it all together.

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