Saturday, 4 August 2012

Still in Lovina

We practiced the salute to inner calm every evening. This is a beautiful sequence. It was one I was going to bring home to my daily practice but I've not done so. Maybe from this evening? I wrote in my journal, "I do know it and will sketch it in full soon - before I forget". Well, I didn't sketch it and I have forgotten it! Lucky to find the link on the Internet.

Each morning we practiced 6 rounds of Suraya Namaskar with chanting. I can remember when I would be puffed after a couple of rounds but even the 3 fast rounds with the Bija Mantras were good. The main thing is to keep one's focus on the movements and not let the mind wander.

I managed to get water in my ear at the swimming pool so booked in to have ear-candling. It was lovely and I felt so much better afterwards. I can't bear that deaf/discombobulated feeling when the ears are full of water. I had an aromatherapy massage as well at the spa. How delightful! In fact this was the first massage I had on the holiday.

Michele lent me The Kitchen God's Wife by Amy Tan. I can't imagine why I haven't read it before as I am a big fan of hers. I did try and make it last but read it as quickly as usual! Lovely to chill by the pool and read. Since I've been home I've managed to read another one of her books and have 2 more waiting  to be read.

There are quite a few mosquitoes here and I have been diligent about applying Rid; nevertheless, I've bitten quite a few times and so damn itchy.

It must have been about this point of the trip that I lost count of the days and the date! I think that is necessary sometimes!


Next episode will be the trip to Pulau Mejangan and the Ganesha Temple there.

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